Blood Tide’s “Moon” EP Streaming Everywhere Now

The 2017 4-song EP “Moon” from Blood Tide is now streaming on iTunes, Spotify, and everywhere you stream music.

“Moon” was recorded at Flat Black Studios in Iowa City by Luke Tweedy and features Matthew Clagg on guitar, vocals, kalimba, and piano and Mason Monigold on drums, bass, toy piano, synth, and background vocals. Helen Cruz provided guest vocals and additional lyrics on ‘Own.’ The songs were mastered by Saff Mastering.

Blood Tide combines elements of dark wave, post-punk, post-hardcore, and psychedelic rock into a dreamy but ominous auditory experience.

Starting as the song writing experiment of Matthew Clagg (Mystery Blood, Rival Cliques) – the addition of drummer Mason Monigold (Remains to be Seen, Master Mood TV) led to live performances and the release of the “Moon” ep on cassette from This Ain’t Heaven Recording Concern in 2017.

2019 finds Blood Tide joined by Doug Lynn on bass. Their new ep “Gnarly” will be available on tape through TAHRC and digitally through DEATHFORMS on June 19.

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