Live Video of Master Mood TV at DIYMCA

A new video is out with two songs from Master Mood TV‘s show at Wichita, KS all ages art gallery and music venue DIYMCA.

The first song is a soundcheck and sneak peek of a yet to be released Remains to be Seen track called Leash on Life.

The second song is Look Alive from the Look Alive EP available everywhere through Deathforms.

Video footage provided by Rajidae Productions

Master Mood TV is the solo project of Mason Monigold (Remains to be Seen, Domestic Drone, Blood Tide.)

Master Mood TV channels sad love songs from noisy apocalyptic soundscapes into concise and accessible dark pop tunes with drum machine beats.

First playing live on December 25, 2017, Master Mood TV spent 2018 creating and releasing video singles for a handful of songs while playing shows with bands like Dancing Plague, Spit Mask, HXXS, and Odonis Odonis.

Look Alive, his debut EP, is available everywhere.

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