‘Space Case’ Single from Remains to be Seen Out Now!

Dark-pop duo Remains to be Seen (Annie Adams & Mason Monigold) have finally released new music in 2020 – a single called ‘Space Case‘ from their upcoming 2021 release.

In this year of sadness and uncertainty, Annie and Mason felt they needed to ensure this heartfelt and personal track made it out before it became impossible to do so.

“We both agreed that – of our recent work – [Space Case] is the song we’d most regret leaving unreleased if something happened to us,” Mason said.

“Having the chance to put it out on the first day of winter during a planetary alignment that is supposed to reopen the curtains to the Black Lodge felt too perfect to pass up,” he added, referencing the Winter Solstice conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn as well as David Lynch and Mark Frost’s ‘Twin Peaks’ – a constant source of inspiration to the pair.

Space Case is available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp. Availability on streaming apps to be announced.

Remains to be Seen is the dark electronic audio duo of Annie Adams and Mason Monigold.

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