Evasive Flowers featured on new track from Marrice Anthony

https://youtu.be/Fkyc3zt90IA Marrice Anthony performs "Annie" from The Nimbus Files, Vol. 3 with backing vocals from Evasive Flowers (Annie Adams-Palmer of MILKWAVE and Remains to be Seen) Listen to The Nimbus Files, Vol. 3 at https://marriceanthony.bandcamp.com/ Listen to the original Evasive Flowers song "Gone" from Ice Queen which is sampled on "Annie" at https://evasiveflowersmusic.bandcamp.com/album/ice-queen

Master Mood TV Remixes ‘Tinder’

Tinder from Remains to be Seen is now updated to include a dance remix of 'Tinder' from Master Mood TV. Master Mood TV (Mason Monigold) is one half of the Dark Electronic Audio Duo and also mixed the track the remix stems from. He explains, "We unapologetically make pop music but there's a lot of [...]