Interview with Blood Tide’s Matthew Clagg

We checked in with Blood Tide creator Matthew Clagg ahead of the release of his bands second EP release, GNARLY, streaming everywhere on June 19. Deathforms: How did Blood Tide form? Matthew Clagg: Blood Tide began as a series of recording experiments. I was hearing sounds and feeling things that were someways parallel and someway [...]

Blood Tide’s ‘Gnarly’ Available for Pre-save

The new Gnarly EP from Blood Tide is available everywhere on June 19, 2019. Pre-saving now will add the new EP to your Spotify collection as soon as it becomes available and will make sure future Blood Tide releases appear on your Spotify release radar. Blood Tide combines elements of dark wave, post-punk, post-hardcore, and [...]

Master Mood TV Remixes ‘Tinder’

Tinder from Remains to be Seen is now updated to include a dance remix of 'Tinder' from Master Mood TV. Master Mood TV (Mason Monigold) is one half of the Dark Electronic Audio Duo and also mixed the track the remix stems from. He explains, "We unapologetically make pop music but there's a lot of [...]

Tinder by Remains to be Seen now on Bandcamp

Tinder, a new noise-pop single from Remains to be Seen, is available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp. Remains to be Seen is a Dark Electronic Audio Duo featuring Annie Adams (Evasive Flowers, Milkwave) and Mason Monigold (Master Mood TV, Blood Tide.) Tinder is a noisy take on an as yet unreleased Evasive Flowers live [...]